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Welcome to I'm Matt Fitzgibbons, singer/songwriter, philosopher, and historian. Since 2004, I've been writing non-partisan music to celebrate individual liberty and the philosophy of natural rights, which the United States' founding documents are based on. I have the utmost respect for all those who have and continue to defend our liberties, whether they be armed servicemen or women, journalists, bloggers, judges, artists, etc. Everyone has something they can contribute. This is just my way.

My goal, through my music, interviews, videos, radio shows, and writings, is to inspire people to think and talk about the simple but revolutionary ideas that made our Republic the model for freedom throughout the world. My sincerest hope is to spread a positive message and to find creative ways to help secure our rights. And I'm far more interested in reason and historical precedence than I am in red versus blue.

The United States are more divided now than we have been since our Civil War and I believe that it's because too many of us have either forgotten or never learned the lessons of history and the simple, but timeless principles that made our Republic the most successful, freest nation on earth. Liberty means tolerance (Watch my short video on what rights are). When you give government the power to control those you disagree with, that power will inevitably be used against you and your beliefs. And because civics are rarely taught in schools today, it's our job to make sure that we, our friends, family, children and neighbors think about what it takes to remain free. It's not easy by any means. That's why so few people in history have managed to secure and hold on to liberty. But every soul craves it from cradle to grave and I believe that it can be accomplished with a positive attitude, self-control, and hard work because that's how it has always been accomplished. My hope is that my music will make it a little easier.

-Matt Fitzgibbons

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