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"Constitution Corner with Matt FItzgibbons" is a live podcast on Friday evenings once or twice a month on the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.


Constitution Corner  

"Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons" focuses on America's founding philosophy of Natural Rights and it's relevance today. Live listeners are welcome to call in to ask questions, make comments, or to make song requests from any of Matt's three CDS. The telephone number is: 347-539-5154. To contact Matt, send emails to

Topics and sources for "Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons" include British and early America's charters and constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, the speeches and writings of our Founders, The U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights, Amendments to the Constitution,

  Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons

Supreme Court rulings, and how far our Republic has strayed from these well-known ideas. Matt believes that these simple, but timeless principles are not only the reason for the United States' past success as the longest standing free Republic in human history, but that they are also the solution to most of our problems today.


Since 2004, Matt has been writing non-partisan music that celebrates our founding principles with the goal of finding positive, creative ways to help secure our rights. He is both a passionate history buff and a two-time ASCAPlus Award winning songwriter/musician with a degree in philosophy from the University of Connecticut. After teaching multi-national students both in Manhattan and overseas, he came to the conclusion that while the United States are made up of people from every other culture, the thing that distinguishes us is a shared belief in the philosophy of Natural Rights which our Founding Fathers built our Republic on. He has reached millions of people with his non-partisan message through his music, website, and national and international interviews, and now with his own show "Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons".

The next live show as well as all archived shows can be found at:

Past "Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons" Shows:

Show #1; 2/23/2013
Topic: Introduction to "Constitution Corner with Matt Fitzgibbons"

Show #2: 3/01/2013
Topic: French-Indian Wars; Interview with AJ Sorensen on Mixing & Mastering

Show #3: 3/08/2013
Topic: What are constitutions? & John Adams' defense of the British soldiers on trial for the "Boston Massacre"

Show #4: 3/15/2013
Topic: The Declaration of Independence

Show #5: 3/22/2013
Topic: Why did freedom happen in America? & Tim Howard, president of USAEBN talks about his interview on the Glenn Beck Show

Show #6: 3/29/2013
Topic: The First Amendment (The Religion Clauses), Religious tolerance in early America and the modern fallacy of "Separation of Church and State"

Show #7: 4/5/2013
Topic: The First Amendment (Freedom of Speech, Press, Peaceably Assemble, Redress of Grievances) and the Supreme Courts' reinterpretation of these rights


Show #8 4/12/2013
The Second Amendment (A history of the right to bear arms)


Show #9 , 4/219/2013 was inaudible due to BlogTalkRadio problems.


Show #10: 4/26/2013
Topic: Continuation of last week's discussion on the Second Amendment (A history of the right to bear arms)


Show #11: 5/03/2013
Topic: Gun Laws and the Constitution


Show #12: 5/10/2013
Topic: Pre-Revolutionary War and the 3rd Amendment


Show #13: 5/17/2013
Topic: Tim Howard stands in for Matt Fitzgibbons and talks about the U.S. Constitution


Show #14: 5/24/2013
Topic: The 4th Amendment


Show #15: 5/31/2013
Topic: The 5th Amendment (Part 1.)


Show #16: 6/7/2013
Topic: The 5th Amendment (Part 2.)


Show #17: 6/14/2013
Topic: The 6th Amendment


Show #18: 6/21/2013
Topic: The 7th Amendment


Show #19: 6/27/2013
Special Guest: Rich Roger (Friend & Guitarist on my latest  CD "Entitled")


Show #20: 7/05/2013
Topic: The Declaration of Independence


Show #21: 7/12/2013
Special Guest: Guitarist Rich Roger of


Show #22: 7/19/2013
Topic: The 9th Amendment


Show #23: 7/26/2013
Topic: The 10th Amendment


Show #24: 8/02/2013
Topic: The Bill of Rights Today

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